Agnieszka Engelien graduated with a doctorate in cross-cultural management from the University of Economics in Poznan, Poland. She went on to attend an advanced photography course at the London School of Photography and a contemporary art curator course at the Chelsea School of Art. Since 2009, Agnieszka has organised several photography and modern art exhibitions of her and other artists’ works in London.

As a photographer I am fascinated by the City of London – its energy, its role as gateway to a globalising world, its exuberance and the controversy associated with it. My work is an attempt to create a bridge between City life and the reality we all live in.

Exhibitions in London

November 2013 “Is London A Bridge?” – The Polish Hearth Club, London
April 2013 “Call of the wild” – Blackall studios, London School of Photography
March 2010 “News”, Polish Factory – St Peter’s Church, Notting Hill
September 2009 “Deep Blue” – The Tabernacle, Notting Hill

aga engelien