Call of the wild


“Human being or animal, how close is the border? The City is a game of appearances, a world of illusion where people are hiding their true-selves behind a mask. The artist is using animal faces to symbolise how our primitive nature is dominating our behaviour.” My works are a contribution to the ongoing debate and […]

St. Peter’s Church, Notting Hill, London


The Gallery presents a series of black white photographs and “collages” showing how the pace of modern life is influenced by living in a large metropolis. Polish Factory showcases four contemporary Polish artists with very different styles. Their work ranges from high tech photography to fauve-style oil painting. The works are inspired by many things, […]

Deep Blue


The exhibition shows the Greek islands through the symbiosis of white and blue… ARE THOSE COLOURS enough to express our emotions and ourselves ? Is white a colour or is it just the background for blue ? Find your answers visiting THE deep blue photography exhibition at the Tabernacle gallery in Notting Hill